Permit Fees

Dixie County Permit Fees are established by the Dixie Board of County Commissioners and are payable to the Dixie County General Fund or the Dixie County Impact Fee Fund.

Along with the permits and fees required by Dixie County, you are responsible for any permits or fees required by the Dixie County Health Department, Florida Department of Transportation, Suwannee River Water Management District, Central Florida Electric, or Progress Energy.

$30.00 Minimum Permit Fee
$35.00 A/C and Heating
$10.00 Block Exam Referral Fee
$35.00 Electrical & Agricultural Power Pole
$100.00 Mobile Home Pre-Inspection Fee
$35.00 Plumbing
$500.00 Radar Installation & Related Facilities
$50.00 Temp Use Permit Issued by LDR Administrator
$40.00 Re-Inspection Fee
$350.00 Re-Zoning Fee
$100.00 RV and Power Pole
$100.00 Seawalls, Docks, or Similar Structures
$300.00 Special Exception Use
$75.00 Swimming Pool
$200.00 Variance
$100.00 Temp Use Permit Issued by BOCC
.10¢ per SF New Construction
.06¢ per SF Unheated Construction
  State Surcharge for Building Permits
Note: An additional charge of  3% of the total permit price, with a minimum charge of $ 4.00 is applied to each permit. This is a state fee that counties must charge.
$255.00* Single Wide
$305.00* Double Wide
$330.00* Triple Wide
$100.00* House Move-on per 1000 sq. ft.
$40.00** Re-roof per 1000 sq. ft.
$70.00** Re-model per 1000 sq. ft.
$30.00*** Vinyl Siding Install per 1000 sq. ft. Plans Review
$10.00/$25.00 Plans Reviews
Note: Plan review is $25.00 for 600 SF and over and $10.00 for under 600 SF
*Plus Electrical, Plumbing and AC/Heating Permit Fees
**Plus $3.00 for each additional 100 square foot.
*** Plus $2.00 for each additional 100 sq. ft.
IMPACT FEES: Call 352.498.1236 for information
HEALTH DEPARTMENT FEES: Call 352.498.1360 for information