Used Mobile Home

Please bring the Deed or Contract for Deed of your property to apply for these permits. If you are not the owner applying for the permit a letter of authorization from the owner to pull the permit will be required.

    Steps In Obtaining A Mobile Home Permit In Dixie County

  • Pre-inspection fee of $100.00 is required for any Mobile Home over 5 years old within the Tri-county area. If the Mobile Home is outside the tri-county area, call for the pre-inspection procedures. If it does not pass and cannot be brought up to code, you will have 30 days to move it off your property.
  • A benchmark will be required if in a Flood Zone with a Base Flood Elevation.
  • A “Septic Tank Zoning Compliance Letter” from this department for Septic Tank Approval.
  • Driveway Form from the Dixie County Road Department or a permit from the Department of Transportation in Chiefland. If your property’s driveway exits off of US19/98 or SR-349N you must obtain your permit, pay any associated fees or expenses, from DOT in Chiefland at 325-493-6075.
  • Mobile Home set-up plans from a Florida Licensed Mobile Home Installer.
  • Septic Tank Permit from the Dixie County Health Department at 352-498-1360.
  • After all the above have been met the Mobile Home Permit Fee is –
    Single Wide: $255.00
    Double Wide: $305.00
    Triple Wide: $330.00
    Fee Includes Power-pole, Plumbing, and AC/Heat Permit Fees


    There is an Impact Fee that must be paid if you are not currently living on your property and swapping out your old residence for a new one. Call For Information.

  • If the owner is currently living on the property and swapping out one mobile home for another no Impact Fee is required. A driveway form is not required if using the same driveway. An existing Septic Tank Evaluation is required.
  • Setback Requirements from your property lines are 30 feet on the front and 25 feet on sides and rear. Unless you have river-front property and it is 75 feet from the river-bank.
  • If your property is on the river or in a “V” Flood Zone or “A” numbered Flood Zone you must check with this department for additional requirements.
  • Suwannee River Water Management District (SRWMD) Permit is required on river-front property.