New Construction

Please bring the Deed or Contract for Deed of your property to apply for these permits. If you are not the owner or contractor applying for the permit a notarized letter of authorization from the owner to pull the permit will be required.

    Steps For Obtaining Permits In Dixie County For Building A House

  • Benchmark: A benchmark will be required if in a Flood Zone with a Base Flood Elevation and in the Velocity Zones (V-Zones). In the V-Zone a Velocity Zone Anchoring Certificated is required from this department.
  • A “Septic Tank Zoning Compliance Letter” from this department for Septic Tank Approval.
  • Driveway Approval Form from the Dixie County Road Department or a permit from the Department of Transportation in Chiefland. If your property’s driveway exits off of US19/98 or SR-349N you must obtain your permit, pay any associated fees or expenses, from DOT in Chiefland at 325-493-6075.
  • Wind-speed: A wind-speed of 120 mph or 130 mph has to be certified on plans or a Wind Load Analysis Report must be submitted with the plans.
  • SRWMD: Suwannee River Water Management District permit is required on river-front property before a county permit can be issued. 1-800-226-1066.
  • Energy Forms: These forms are available from this department and must be submitted with your plans for new homes and additions.
  • Site Plan: A site plan is required, showing where your unit will be located on your property with the setback dimensions on the front, sides and rear. In an Agricultural Zoning and Environmentally Sensitive Area (ESA) Zoning the minimum setback requirements from your property lines are 30 feet on the front and 25 feet on sides and rear. In an ESA zoning a minimum 35 foot natural buffer shall be required from all wetlands and a 75-foot natural buffer shall be required from perennial river, streams, and creeks. In an Agricultural zoning a minimum 35 foot natural buffer shall be required from all wetlands and a 75-foot natural buffer shall be required from perennial river, streams, and creeks. If your property is not in either of these zonings, contact this department for your setback requirements.
  • Building Plans: You must supply the County Building Department a set of plans for review and filing. The plans must show in detail all structural components, such as, truss specs., joist spans, footer dimensions, wind design (see wind-speed) etc. All plumbing and electric must be shown on the plans. For places of assembly, such as a church, and all buildings located in a V-zone the plans must be designed by and bear the stamp of a registered engineer or architect. Two (2) sets of plans are required, one (1) the county keeps on file in the Building Department and the other set is required to be kept on the job site.
  • Contractors: If you choose not to use a building contractor you may pull the permit as a self-contractor. It is a violation of State law to hire an unlicensed contractor, even as a self-contractor. For churches and commercial structures you must have a licensed contractor if the cost of construction exceeds $75,000. If you hire unlicensed individuals, they must be legal employees insured by you and working under your license. As a self-contractor you are responsible for any problems with the quality of the work done by the people you hire.
  • Subcontractors: If you hire contractors for the electrical, plumbing, or mechanical work they must be either State certified or licensed in Dixie County. Any other work contracted out, such as foundation, frame, etc., they must be licensed in Dixie County. You may sign as a self contractor for any electrical, plumbing or mechanical work you are doing yourself.
  • Construction Power Pole: Check with the local power company to see where to set the construction pole.
  • Permit Fees: Check with the Dixie County Building Department for all applicable fees.
  • Septic Tank Permit from the Dixie County Health Department at 352-498-1360.