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As employees or elected officials, we are ambassadors for Dixie County and a vital part of our county’s progress. We provide quality service every day to all who call or visit our departments and offices. The Contact Us page and other links on this page contain information and resources that will help us continue our commitment to excellence.

911 Services
Chuck Elton
Phone: 352.498.1240 x227
Fax: 352.498.1244
Email: Chuck Elton
Airport Services
Dixie Aviation
Phone: 352.498.6656
Fax: 352.498.1207
BCC Attorney
Rhett Bullard
Phone: 386.362.2040
Fax: 386.362.2070
Email:Rhett Bullard
BCC District 1
W.E. “Gene” Higginbotham
Phone: 352.356.0401 
Fax: 352.498.1207
Email: Gene Higginbotham
BCC District 2
W.C. Mills
Phone: 352.356.0402
Fax: 352.498.1207
Email: W.C. Mills
BCC District 3
Jody Robson
Phone: 352.356.0403
Fax: 352.498.1207
Email: Jody Robson
BCC District 4
Jason Holifield
Phone: 352.498.3035
Fax: 352.498.1207
Email: Jason Holifield
BCC District 5
J. Ronnie Edmonds
Phone: 352.356.0405 
Fax: 352.498.1207
Email: Ronnie Edmonds
Building, Planning, Zoning
Bob Zerbe
Phone: 352.498.1236
Fax: 352.498.1286
Building Inspector
Bob Zerbe
Phone: 352.498.1236
Fax: 352.498.1286
Clerk of Court
Dana Johnson
Phone: 352.498.1200
Fax: 352.498.1201
Email: Dana Johnson
Code Enforcement
David Cassidy
Phone: 352.498.1236
Fax: 352.498.1286
Email: David Cassidy
County Commission Office
Melissa Long
Phone: 352.498.1206
Fax: 352.498.1477
Email: Melissa Long
County Judge
Jennifer Ellison
Phone: 352.498.1234
Fax: 352.498.1207
Email: Jennifer Ellison
County Manager
Tim Alexander
Phone: 352.498.1426
Fax: 352.498.1477
Email: Tim Alexander
Emergency Services
Tim Alexander
Phone: 352.498.1240 x224
Fax: 352.498.1244
Email: Tim Alexander
Environmental Services
Wesley Asbell
Phone: 352.498.1360
Finance Department
Cindy Dey
Phone: 352.498.1205
Fax: 352.498.1476
Email: Cindy Dey
Insurance Office
Melissa Long
Phone: 352.498.1206
Fax: 352.498.1477
Email: Melissa Long
Payroll Office

Phone: 352.498.1206
Fax: 352.498.1476

Property Appraiser
Robbie Lee
Phone: 352.498.1212
Fax: 352.498.1211
Public Library
Cindy Bellot
Phone: 352.498.1219
Fax: 352.498.1480 
Email: Cindy Bellot
Public Works
William “Goob” Osteen
Phone: 352.498.1239
Fax: 352.498.
Purchasing Department
Denise Lytle
Phone: 352.498.1239
Fax: 352.498.1482
Email: Denise Lytle
Mosquito Control
Joe P. Ruth
Phone: 352.498.1303 
Fax: 352.498.1429
Sheriff Office
Dewey Hatcher
Phone: 352.498.1220
Fax: 352.498.1226
Solid Waste & Recycling
Joe P. Ruth
Phone: 352.498.1432
Fax: 352.498.1429
Superintendent of Schools
Mark Rains
Phone: 352.498.6131
Fax: 352.498.1308
Supervisor of Elections
Starlet Cannon
Phone: 352.498.1216
Fax: 352.498.1218
Suwannee Water and Sewer
Bob Bogosta
Phone: 352.542.7570
Email: Bob Bogosta
Tax Collector
Michelle Cannon
Phone: 352.498.1213
Tourist Development Council
Kay McCallister
Phone: 352.498.1403
Email: Kay McCallister
UF/IFAS Extension Service
Holly Houghton
Phone: 352.498.1237
Fax: 352.498.1471
Email: Holly Houghton
Veterans Service Office
Steve Fremen
Phone: 352.498.1246
Email: Steve Fremen


*Under Florida law, all information, including e-mail, written letters, documents and phone messages sent to the Dixie County Board of County Commissioners is subject to Public Records law.

This includes the sender’s e-mail address, home address or phone number if shown in the message, the content of the message and any associated attachments to the mail. Also please be aware that electronic correspondence (e-mail) is made available on the Commission’s public archive site immediately upon being sent.