DCARDA – Deployment Day Is Here!

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Good afternoon DCARDA,

After three and a half years and numerous delays, all of the people dedicated to the building of artificial reefs to help support Dixie County’s Economic Future…… congratulations, the time has come to start building and stop writing.

Construction starts on July 8th with the building of the first nine of thirty-two new reefs on the Horseshoe Beach site. Weather permitting the construction process should be complete around the 15th. Each reef will be made up of approximately thirty tons of limestone rock and concrete culvert pipe, all donated by citizens of Dixie County. DCARDA thanks you.

DCARDA is already looking good for funding the balance of twenty-three reefs schedule to be built this time next year. We should know for sure on the funding about the time we complete the first nine reefs, July 15th.

DCARDA will continue this summer with assessments to see if we can get permitted to re-build the old reef known as Red Bank, for the near shore small family boater. This site lies between the main channel of Horseshoe Beach and the Suwannee River. In addition, if at all possible, DCARDA and its team will start the assessment process with FWC before year’s end on a one square mile reef project off of Suwannee currently named Dixie Deep Water Artificial Reef. Expect forty new reefs on this site if all goes well with this one.

I’ll write again after the upcoming deployments.Thank you all for being so supportive.

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Dixie Education Foundation Inc.

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The mission of the Dixie Education Foundation, Inc is to provide assistance to the students of Dixie County schools in obtaining scholarships for higher education and to support other activities beneficial to Dixie County students.

Visit our website Dixie Education Foundation Inc. or like us on Facebook

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North Florida Regional Water Supply Partnership

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The historic lows of rivers, lakes and springs in the two districts and public concerns that groundwater pumping in Northeast Florida was affecting water bodies and groundwater levels in the more rural Suwannee district led the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the two water management districts to formalize an agreement in September to work more closely on water issues.     More

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Saint Louis Encephalomyelitis

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J. F. Day2

 Culex nigripalpus mosquitoes are the most important disease vectors in Florida. They are the proven primary enzootic (normal level of virus transmission from mosquitoes to wild birds) and epidemic (unusually high level of virus transmission from mosquitoes to humans) vectors of St. Louis encephalitis SLE virus throughout the southern half of the state. In addition, they are likely involved in the transmission of eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus in Florida, from Titusville north to Jacksonville and west to Pensacola.

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